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Achēv: formerly the Centre for Education & Training, Achēv is a not-for-profit, community-based organization that delivers employment, youth, newcomer and language services. We also work collaboratively with our employer and community partners to ensure they have the tools and capacity to support others. On an annual basis, Achēv serves over 100,000 individuals at our 9 sites and many itinerant locations in the GTA, and through our national and international online services. We are committed to making a positive difference in the diverse communities we serve.

Visit Achēv’s CPRNW project pages for Model 1 and Model 2


We will be recognized as the leader in delivering employment, settlement and language services in the communities we serve.


Our professional team will provide the appropriate resources, skills and opportunities which empower people to achieve their potential.

Over the period of 2016 to 2019, Achēv has served over 24,000 unique newcomer women. They have conducted various services and activities with and for visible minority newcomer women such as developing specialized women employment preparation workshops, supporting women’s entrance to employment through development of work placement opportunities, and involving women in planning special events to profile their skills. In 2019, Achēv supported almost 40,000 newcomers in achieving their employment and career goals in Canada.

Achēv is delivering Model 1: Milestones to Employment to visible minority newcomer women with low skills, encounter multiple barriers to employment, and would otherwise be unlikely to make the transition to employment on their own. The model is to prepare women for a job in the high-growth industries.

It includes employer engagement in designing and developing in-class workshops on employability skills and industry-specific practices, workplace training (Occupation specific training), and a paid placement. Employer partners facilitate placement with the goal to hire program participants after they complete 12 weeks of paid placement. Additionally, it includes on-the-job coaching support for job retention and advancement.


Achēv will also be implementing Model 2: Navigating the Canadian Labour Market. This model offers job search training, employer engagement activities and 1:1 coaching to 210 highly skilled visible minority newcomer women who have CLB 7 or higher. The goal of the intervention is to support them in the development of a clear career plan based on a thorough assessment of their essential skills which are needed to successfully navigate the Canadian workforce.

Model 1 research design: Achēv has proposed two potential comparison groups for the evaluation of their model 1 intervention. The first proposed comparison group is comprised of comparable women who are current clients of Achēv but who are not participating in the pilot project. The second potential comparison group is comprised of former clients in Achēv’s database that meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the project. Both comparison groups may be used and the evaluation results using each group compared in order to ascertain the likely validity of both comparison groups.


Model 2 research design: This evaluation uses a controlled trial design by randomly selecting participants into either a program group or a control group. All participants will be pre-screened and assessed by Achēv project staff in advance to ensure that they are eligible to participate in the voluntary research-based project. Individuals who are selected for the program group will directly receive program offerings and job search assistance however individuals assigned to the control group will not receive services from the proposed program but remain eligible for all existing Achēv services.